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Electro Harmonix Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator Pedal

Electro Harmonix Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator Pedal

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Electro Harmonix Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator Pedal - New

Originally introduced back in 1980, the Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay pedal gives you synthesizer-like control over the attack and decay of the notes you play. Said another way, Attack Decay can create tape reverse effects, slow volume swells, notes that cut off abruptly, and even bowed-instrument effects. And unlike the original effect, you can engage poly mode to affect each note you play independently. Engage the built-in fuzz circuit for harmonic excitement. Place other effects like reverbs and pitch shifters in the send/return loop to affect just those signals. Especially if you’re into ambient or textural guitar techniques, there’s a lot of creativity to discover in the Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay effects pedal.

Attack Decay applies a volume envelope to your guitar signal, with adjustable attack and decay times. In mono mode, you have one volume envelope that your signal passes through, which resets each time you play a new note or chord. In poly mode, each note or chord gets its own volume envelope. This allows you to create bowed-instrument sounds and other effects, especially when you engage the built-in Harmonix fuzz circuit. Sonically adventurous guitarists love experimenting by putting different effects in the send/return loop, which allows you to apply the volume envelope to affected signals while also passing your dry signal through.

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  • Volume envelope manipulation pedal with attack and decay controls
  • Mono mode applies one volume envelope to your signal, which resets after each note you play
  • Poly mode applies a volume envelope to each note or chord individually
  • Create swells and pads, banjo-style plucks, bowed-instrument sounds, and much more
  • Built-in Harmonix fuzz circuit adds harmonic excitement and enhances the envelope effect
  • Effects loop allows you to add other pedals to be affected by the volume envelope
  • Expression/CV input can control any knob you like
  • Save up to 3 presets for instant recall
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