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New - Electro Harmonix Dual Expression Pedal - Dual Output

New - Electro Harmonix Dual Expression Pedal - Dual Output

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FREE FAST SHIPPING TO ALL USA STATES! WE SHIP MOST ORDERS SAME DAY! [ AND WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE! ] Brand New !!!"Here's your chance to get this item at a great price! Sale Ends Soon! GET IT FAST! "Electro Harmonix Dual Expression Pedal - Dual Output - NewIf you're the kind of guitarist that likes to create movement in your effects while you perform, there's a ton of creative potential in the Electro-Harmonix Dual Expression Pedal. Each of the two expression outputs features its own range and reverse controls, allowing you to fine-tune how each output controls the connected device. A polarity switch ensures compatibility with practically any expression-capable pedal or synth. Use it to open up a filter pedal while increasing feedback on a delay pedal, increase the rate of a phaser while you decrease the depth of a reverb, or any other creative combination you can think of. If you want an expression pedal with creative flexibility, and can highly recommend the Electro-Harmonix Dual Expression Pedal.

  • Free Shipping deliver within 2 to 3 business days or less.
  • Expression pedal for guitar effects pedals and synthesizers
  • Dual outputs with independent range and reverse controls allow for creative control over your gear
  • Each output features a polarity switch for maximum compatibility with your pedals and synths
  • Lightweight polymer construction is also extremely rugged and built to last
  • Includes two 6-foot TRS cables to connect to your pedals or synthesizers

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