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On-Stage KSA8500 Deluxe Keyboard Tier 2010s - Black

On-Stage KSA8500 Deluxe Keyboard Tier 2010s - Black

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On-Stage KSA8500 Deluxe Customizable Keyboard Tier - NEW

The black On-Stage KSA8500 offers two sets of independently adjustable arms to add a customizable second, and even a third tier—depending on your preference—to your keyboard stand. The versatile design allows the stand to accommodate keyboards, drum machines, DJ controllers, effects, and a host of other additional gear for studio use or live performances.


  • Free Shipping delivers within 2 to 3 business days or less.
  • Compatible with 1" square or 30mm round tube stands (adapters are supplied for compatibility with On-Stage Z stands).
  • Total supported weight is 66 lb, or 33 lb per pair of support arms.
  • Each arm features an independent 10° increment Posi-Lok adjustment for height, angle, depth, and width—providing 43.5" of total width distributed over a 2nd tier, or 2nd and 3rd tier configuration.
  • The stabilizer bar telescopes to accommodate the keyboard stand up to 32" in width.
  • Non Slip rubber end caps protect your equipment from scratches.
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