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Marantz Professional Turret Broadcaster Video-Streaming System -NEW

Marantz Professional Turret Broadcaster Video-Streaming System -NEW

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Marantz Professional Turret Broadcaster Video-Streaming System -NEW

The Turret Broadcast Video Streaming System from Marantz Professional combines an HD video camera, microphone, ring light, and headphone amplifier with a control tower/stand. Together, these components provide an all-in-one broadcast tool expressly designed for streaming and podcasting. The Turret System's compact, portable size suits it to both desktop and location use with the centrally located camera, microphone, and light controls placed within easy reach on the control tower.

The Turret camera features full HD recording at 1080p, automatic low-light correction, a 78° wide-angle lens, auto-focusing, and both Windows and Mac compatibility. H.264 video compression is built-in for easy streaming, and the Turret includes an internal USB hub; a high-speed USB-C output minimizes signal latency.

On the audio side, the Turret features a high-performance condenser mic, gain control with an integrated preamp, pop filter, and direct monitoring while recording. To add music or an effects channel, a mix control enables you to blend the mic's audio with a USB audio input. The preamp outputs a pristine signal to your headphones, enabling you to hear your audio output as your audience does.

The LED ring light surrounds the Turret camera, providing even illumination of the streamer/podcaster. This dimmable, daylight-balanced LED fixture comes with cool white, and warm filters for matching to the light at your location.

  • Free shipping, delivery within 2 to 3 business days or less.

  • Complete, freestanding streaming/recording system

  • Full HD video at 1080p/30 with H.264 compression, and a 78° wide-angle lens

  • Automatic low-light exposure correction

  • USB condenser microphone 48 kHz/16-bit with pop filter

  • Mix control enables mixing of mic's audio with USB audio input

  • Dimmable, daylight-balanced LED ring light provides even illumination

  • Outputs to your computer via USB-C port; internal USB hub

  • Headphone preamp for accurate monitoring

  • Fixed line-level output via 3.5mm TRS jack

System Compatibility
  • Windows

  • Mac 10.6 or later

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