Unveiling the Ultimate Reverb Experience: A Deep Dive into the New Strymon BigSky MX Pedal

Unveiling the Ultimate Reverb Experience: A Deep Dive into the New Strymon BigSky MX Pedal

In the world of guitar effects pedals, there are a few names that stand out for their innovation, quality, and ability to push the boundaries of sound manipulation. Among these, Strymon has carved a niche for itself with its dedication to crafting pedals that not only meet but exceed the expectations of musicians worldwide. At the forefront of their lineup is the Strymon BigSky MX Pedal, a digital reverb powerhouse that promises to transport guitarists to sonic realms previously unexplored. In this article, we delve into the features, capabilities, and sheer magic of the Strymon BigSky MX Pedal, and how it distinguished itself from its predecessor, the original BigSky.

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The BigSky MX Pedal represents the culmination of years of relentless research, development, and a profound passion for sonic exploration. Engineered to replicate the superabundant, expansive reverbs found in iconic studio rack units, the BigSky MX Pedal brings studio-quality reverb effects to the fingertips of guitarists worldwide.

One of the Standout achievements of the BigSky MX Pedal is its unparalleled versatility. Boasting twelve distinct reverb algorithms, spanning from classic Spring and Plate reverbs to ethereal Shimmer and Swell effects, the pedal offers a boundless sonic palette to explore. Each algorithm is meticulously crafted to emulate the nuances and characteristics of its real-world counterpart, ensuring unparalleled authenticity and depth in every note.

Moreover, the BigSky MX Pedal features a comprehensive array of controls, enabling precise manipulation of the reverb parameters. From Decay and Pre-Delay to Modulation and Tone shaping, every aspect of the reverb effect can be tailored to suit the musician's preferences and musical style. This level of control empowers guitarists to sculpt their sound with precision and finesse, whether they're seeking subtle ambiance or immersive sonic landscapes.

In addition to its impressive array of reverb algorithms and controls, the BigSky MX Pedal boasts advanced connectivity options that enhance its versatility in both live and studio settings. With stereo input and output jacks, MIDI compatibility, and expression pedal inputs, the pedal seamlessly integrates into any rig or setup, facilitating seamless performance and intuitive control.

Beyond its technical prowess, the true magic of the BigSky MX Pedal lies in its ability to inspire creativity and evoke emotions through sound. Whether utilized as a subtle backdrop or a dominant atmospheric element, the pedal opens doors to new sonic territories and artistic possibilities. 

Now, let's address the burning question: How does the Strymon BigSky MX differ from its predecessor, the original BigSky?

The BigSky MX Pedal represents a significant leap forward in reverb pedal technology, with several key enhancements over the original. 

New Reverb Algorithms

Featuring six brand new reverb algorithms, including Chamber, Impulse, Spring, Plate, Hall, and Room, the MX offers more realistic and complex reverb sounds. Additionally, it introduces the capability to run two reverb algorithms simultaneously, with options for split, parallel, or series routing, thus expanding sonic possibilities.

Impulse Response (IR) Support

Furthermore, the MX incorporates Impulse Response (IR) support, allowing users to load and apply unique impulse responses to any of the reverb algorithms, thereby further expanding sonic flexibility. With increased processing power and a new low-noise JFET preamp input, the MX delivers improved sound quality and performance.

Increased processing Power 

Increased Processing Power The MX has a more powerful tri-core 800MHz 32-bit ARM processor, providing over double the processing power of the original BigSky. This enables the new features and improved sound quality.

Is the Bigsky MX user friendly? 

In terms of usability, the BigSky MX features a streamlined interface with an OLED display, making navigation and preset management more intuitive than ever. With its user-friendly design and enhanced feature set, the BigSky MX offers a compelling upgrade for those seeking the ultimate reverb workstation.

Improved Preamp 

The Bigsky MX features a new low-noise JFET preamp input for a cleaner signal path. While the MX retains the classic BigSky algorithms and sounds as "voices," it offers a significantly expanded feature set, more realistic reverb algorithms, and increased processing power, justifying the upgrade for those seeking the ultimate reverb workstation. However, the original BigSky is still highly regarded, and some may find the new MX's added capabilities and higher price point unnecessary for their needs.

In conclusion, the Strymon BigSky MX Pedal stands as a testament to innovation, craftsmanship, and sonic excellence. With its unparalleled versatility, meticulous attention to detail, and ability to inspire creativity, the pedal has earned its place among the elite echelon of effects pedals beloved by musicians worldwide. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring artist, the BigSky MX Pedal offers a gateway to a world of endless sonic possibilities, waiting to be explored and experienced.

Our Verdict 

And so, the king is dead, long live the king. Strymon's ground-up revamp of the decade's most important reverb pedal improves upon its predecessor in every way, while also introducing a host of new features and enhancements. With the Strymon BigSky MX, the quest for the perfect reverb pedal reaches new heights, setting a new standard for excellence in the world of guitar effects.

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