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New - Furman AC-215A Power Conditioner

New - Furman AC-215A Power Conditioner

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Furman AC-215A Power Conditioner - New

Affordable protection! You can trust Furman's AC-215A to keep your gear safe from dangerous voltage. This reasonably priced 2-outlet power conditioner offers up the best of Furman's protective technologies in a compact, low-profile design. Need to bring protection over to your guitar amp? Have gear on the other side of the room that needs power, but you want the strip to be discreet? Here you go. So, how exactly does it work? The AC-215A features Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) for serious surge suppression from voltage spikes, meaning the dangerous spikes are absorbed, clamped, and dissipated, without the unit sacrificing itself in the process. There's a lot more built into the AC-215A, though.

If your gear goes unprotected, you risk frying your hard-earned investments in the event of one dangerous overvoltage. With the AC-215A between the wall and your rack or rig, though, the built-in Extreme Voltage Shutdown feature will shut off the incoming power until the incoming voltage is safe for your gear. More than that, Furman even added their Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) which purifies your AC power, keeping AC noise at bay — that's a must for the serious studio or performing rig.

If you're currently relying on plastic power strips, the AC-215A is the perfect way to protect your gear without spending a fortune. With the AC-215A plugged into the wall, you can still use your existing power system, knowing that you've got clean power and protection from damage between you and the power source. At this low price, the AC-215A is a must.

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  • 10-amp Power conditioner with two outlets
  • Low-profile design for discreet placement
  • Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus protects you from voltage spikes
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown shuts off dangerous incoming voltages
  • Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) purifies power and keeps AC noise at bay
  • Includes mounting brackets for installation on a flat-screen television mount
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