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JHS @ The AT+ Plus (Andy Timmons) Drive V2 overdrive effects Pedal - Red

JHS @ The AT+ Plus (Andy Timmons) Drive V2 overdrive effects Pedal - Red

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JHS AT (Andy Timmons) Drive V2 Pedal - Red - NEW

In brief: Overdrive Effects Pedal with EQ, Volume, Drive, Air, 3-way Headroom Toggle, and Independent Boost - Red. 

The JHS AT Drive V2 pedal captures Andy Timmons's signature tone with an added boost circuit for enhanced versatility. This evolution of the Angry Charlie distortion pedal maintains Timmons's original tone while introducing new options. The pedal features an easy-to-use EQ and a 3-way headroom switch that mimics the gain and response of different wattage amplifiers (25W, 50W, and 100W). Andy Timmons's distinctive sound, often associated with cranked British-style amplifiers, is achieved through this pedal's design. The AT Drive V2's 3-way headroom switch offers varying levels of compression and overdrive to simulate different amp performances. Additionally, the pedal includes an independent boost circuit that can be used to add harmonic-rich sustain, perfect for pushing the pedal's grit further or driving other pedals or amplifiers. This pedal represents the next stage in the Angry Charlie distortion pedal series, providing musicians with the tools to replicate Andy Timmons's iconic tone.


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  • Andy Timmons signature overdrive pedal
  • Driven British amp-in-a-box
  • 3-way headroom switch varies gain and response
  • Air control tunes the high frequencies
  • Variable boost circuit pushes the drive circuit
  • Boost can be used independent of the onboard drive
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