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DiMarzio DP267F Dark Matter 2™ Middle single-coil Pickup, F-spaced- Pink NEW

DiMarzio DP267F Dark Matter 2™ Middle single-coil Pickup, F-spaced- Pink NEW

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DiMarzio DP267F Dark Matter 2™ Middle single-coil Pickup, F-spaced- Pink NEW

In brief: Single-coil Electric Guitar Pickup, Middle, F-space  pink with Black pole .

We love working with Steve Vai. As an artist, he’s constantly evolving and expanding the limits with his playing, composing, and instruments. So when he approached us about pickups for a new incarnation of his signature JEM, we developed Dark Matter 2™ Neck, Bridge, and Middle models. These pickups are specifically EQed to match the earthy, organic aura of the new guitar.

High output pickups can sometimes have anomalies in the high register, meaning they have some sharp edges. While they’re definitely high output like Steve’s other pickups, the new Dark Matter 2™ pickups are engineered with a slight softness on the top end.

The Dark Matter 2™ Middle pickup is a single-coil in satin nickel, designed to coordinate with the interlocking gear pattern pickup grills of the Dark Matter 2™ Neck and Bridge.

Dark Matter 2™ pickups come standard in the new Ibanez JEM Woody guitar, and are available to purchase individually from DiMarzio.

The Dark Matter 2™ Middle is available in F-spacing only.

The Dark Matter 2™ single-coil Middle Model is designed to integrate smoothly with the Dark Matter 2™ humbuckers, as well as add a distinctive voice of its own. It has a modern rather than vintage sound. The emphasis is on balance and smoothness, and it has enough output to work well with the Dark Matter 2™ humbuckers.


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  • Recommended For: Middle
  • Quick Connect: No
  • Wiring: 2 Conductor
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Resistance: 7.33 Kohm
  • Output: 200
  • Tone Guide:  
  • Bass: 2.5
  • Low Mid: 3
  • High mid: 3
  • Treble : 4.5
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