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New - Electro Harmonix Intelligent Harmony Machine Harmony and Pitch Shifter Ped

New - Electro Harmonix Intelligent Harmony Machine Harmony and Pitch Shifter Ped

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Electro Harmonix Intelligent Harmony Machine Harmony and Pitch Shifter Ped  - New

The Electro-Harmonix Intelligent Harmony Machine is the perfect pedal to use when your guitar needs to occupy more space in the mix. This 2-in-1 harmonizer and polyphonic pitch-shifter pedal offers exceptionally smooth tracking for single notes and whole chords in all 12 keys. There are two principle operating modes: Intelligent Harmony Mode and Polyphonic Override Mode. Intelligent Harmony Mode offers up diatonically correct harmonies according to the set key; Polyphonic Override Mode engages a pitch-shifting function akin to Electro-Harmonix's classic Pitch Fork pedal. Each mode offers 11 different harmonization/pitch settings to choose from. Of course, the Intelligent Harmony Machine also includes a Momentary mode with adjustable sweep time. The pedal comes with a mono input with stereo outs and dry-through for creative signal routing. Order your Intelligent Harmony Machine from expand your guitar tone into new and more versatile realms.

Intelligent Harmony Mode

The most impressive feature on the Intelligent Harmony Machine is its Intelligent Harmony Mode, which delivers diatonic harmonies with no latency. Just select your key and it will provide anything from single note harmonies to complex 2- and 3-part harmonies — all with exceptionally smooth and accurate tracking. It's like having two more guitarists playing along with you in perfect time! Intelligent Harmony Mode is polyphonic, which allows you to dial up harmonies for entire chords as well as leads. There are 11 stellar harmonization options to choose from:

  • 6th down
  • Perfect 4th down
  • 3rd down
  • 3rd up
  • Perfect 4th up
  • Perfect 5th up
  • 6th up
  • 7th up
  • 3rd up + 7th up
  • 3rd up + 7th up
  • Perfect 5th up + Octave up

There are so many amazing harmonizing possibilities that EHX couldn't just stop at 11! They've included six superb extras:

  • 4th down + 3rd up
  • 3rd up + 6th up
  • Octave down + 5th up
  • 6th down + 4th down
  • 3rd down + 3rd up
  • Octave down + 4th down

Polyphonic Override Mode

Intelligent Harmony Machine is much more than an advanced harmonizer pedal. It comes equipped with a polyphonic override switch that locks you into polyphonic pitch shifting reminiscent of the well-loved Pitch Fork pedal. Use Polyphonic Override Mode to transform your guitar into a baritone guitar, a down-tuned riff machine, or even put a virtual "capo" on the fret of your choice. And with the pedal's stereo outputs, Polyphonic Override Mode also lets you create stereo doubling effects from mono! Just pan the dry output to one side and the wet output to the other, and you'll instantly have a huge stereo spread. Polyphonic override mode has 11 pitch-shifting settings to choose from. Additionally, the Major/Minor switch allows you to select whether the seconds and thirds will be major or minor. Here are your options:

  • Doubler
  • Perfect 4th down
  • 3rd down (minor on major)
  • 3rd up (minor or major)
  • Perfect 4th up
  • Perfect 5th up
  • 2nd down (minor or major)
  • 2nd up (minor or major)
  • Octave down
  • Octave up
  • Perfect 5th up + Octave up

Momentary Mode

A pitch-shifting function wouldn't be complete without a momentary option, right? Switch on Momentary Mode and the pitch will shift by a specified interval every time you step on the footswitch. In Momentary Mode, the volume knob controls the sweep time between your dry signal and the effect. Whether you're looking for an instant effect or a slow and steady shifting, Momentary Mode has you covered.

  • Free Shipping deliver within 2 to 3 business days or less.
  • Harmony generation and pitch shifting in one compact pedal
  • Spot-on tracking makes for a convincing sound in any situation
  • Intelligent Harmony Mode delivers diatonic harmonies in a set key
  • Polyphonic Override Mode turns the pedal into a pitch-shifting powerhouse
  • Momentary Mode applies the effect for as long as the footswitch is pressed down
  • Key selector lets you access all 12 keys
  • 11-interval selector switch offers plenty of harmonizing choices
  • Stereo outputs with dry-through provide plenty of useful routing options
  • Runs on 9V DC or optional 9V battery power
  • Buffered bypass

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