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New - Keeley Compressor Pro Professional Studio Compressor Pedal

New - Keeley Compressor Pro Professional Studio Compressor Pedal

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Keeley Compressor Pro Professional Studio Compressor Pedal - New
Delivering both hard- and soft-knee compression, the Keeley Compressor Pro is a stompbox-format compressor/limiter that works great onstage, but its superior frequency response and noise specs also make it a superb studio compressor that accepts a broad range of inputs from guitar and voice, to bass, keyboards, and drums. In live settings, the Compressor Pro helps you achieve polished, full-sounding performances while safeguarding your amps and speakers against overload. It's even great for maintaining professional sound levels for your podcasts and YouTube videos! At home, it's perfect for creating gobs of sustain at low volume. The Keeley Compressor Pro will improve the sound of any instrument, in any situation.

Keeley Compressor Pro at a Glance:
  • Live or in the studio: your new best friend
  • Hard- or soft-knee: take your pick
  • Auto mode: concentrate on your performance
Live or in the studio: your new best friend

Keeley engineered the Compressor Pro for the broadest spectrum of input flexibility. The result is a stompbox-sized device that's perfect for studio, stage, and home use. With a huge range of adjustment from -50dBu to +10dBu, you'll be ready for anything. To put this into perspective, let's have a look some common audio signals. Pro audio (studio) levels are +4dBu; consumer audio levels are -10dBu. Passive guitar or bass pickups are generally in the range of -25dBu to 2.5dBu. So you see that the Keeley Compressor Pro has you covered, no matter what you need to compress.

Hard- or soft-knee: take your pick

The Keeley Compressor Pro supports both hard- and soft-knee compression, which is another key to its outstanding versatility onstage and in the studio. If you're looking for strong, limiter-like action, set the little chrome toggle switch on the left to "H" (hard-knee). In this mode, once the threshold is met, the Compressor Pro will compress at the the ratio you've set with the Ratio dial. No mercy. "Komfort Kompression" is what Keeley calls soft-knee. Set the toggle to "S," and you've got the ideal way to control your dynamics while keeping your compressed guitar or instrument part sounding natural, lively, and dynamic.

Auto mode: concentrate on your performance

Keeley's Compressor Pro sports an Auto mode - and this is your ticket to great performances. Set the chrome toggle switch on the right to On, and you've got automatic setting of your Attack and Release times. In most cases, Auto mode will sound natural and give you the dynamics control you need, while you attend to your performance. Under the hood, it works like this: the Compressor Pro looks at its input signal - be it guitar, bass, vocals, drums, etc., and derives the optimal attack and release times for what you're playing and the signal levels it's detecting.

  • Free shipping deliver in 2 to 3 business days or less.
  • Perfect for stage, studio, and home use!
  • Accepts a huge range of input levels from -50dBu to +10dBu
  • Exact RMS Analysis (ERA) senses true RMS value of the input program material
  • Hard-knee compression for limiting or adding sustain
  • Soft-knee (Komfort Kompression) keeps performances lively and natural-sounding
  • Auto Mode provides program-dependent Attack and Release times
  • 7-segment LED display for fast, accurate compression/gain-reduction metering
  • Bi-color Threshold LED indicates when compression is initiated and released
  • True-Bypass circuitry - no signal degradation or gain loss when off
  • Handcrafted in Keeley's Oklahoma, USA factory

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