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Darkglass Microtubes Infinity Preamp/Distortion/Audio Interface - New

Darkglass Microtubes Infinity Preamp/Distortion/Audio Interface - New

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Darkglass Microtubes Infinity Preamp/Distortion/Audio Interface - New

Infinite Low-end Essentials in One Immaculate Pedal

When it comes to bass rig essentials, vital gear can quickly turn into a mess of cables and stompboxes. Darkglass recognized this and met the challenge to create a single piece of gear that could provide all the road essentials yet still be exciting and intuitive. What resulted is the Darkglass Microtubes Infinity, an all-in-one stompbox that’s a versatile preamp/DI, a multi-voiced distortion pedal, a compressor, a tuner, a USB interface, a silent practice rig, and more! With three footswitches, six touch EQ sliders, preset options, and formidable I/O, the Darkglass Microtubes Infinity offers endless tonal possibilities, all rendered in immaculate Darkglass hi-fi that Sweetwater bassists have grown to love. Bassists: this is one formidable pedal you have to check out!

IR, compression, 6-band EQ, and tuner

The Microtubes Infinity lays solid foundations upon which all tone is built. The unit comes pre-loaded with five impulse responses that bottle multiple flavors of iconic bass amps. Sounds can be refined even further with a 6-band graphic EQ that falls at the end of the signal chain. Each EQ slider offers +/-12dB cut or boost, and slider ranges can even be modified in the Darkglass Suite for more extreme control. For keeping tone tight, the Infinity offers a footswitch-controlled compressor. The compressor has five ratios (4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, and all-in) that can tame even the most absurd levels of input. It even features a user-friendly intelligent make-up gain algorithm to the compressor to make sure output is always usable. And because none of the above matters without a properly tuned bass, the Infinity features a 5-octave chromatic tuner, which can tune any note between A0 and A#5.

Multiple acclaimed distortion circuits

In addition to a clean multiband preamp mode, the Microtubes Infinity also includes several acclaimed Darkglass distortion circuits; there’s Microtubes B3K and Vintage Microtubes distortions in both normal and multiband modes. The Vintage mode offers more additional customization via Darkglass’ coveted ERA control. Dial it down to get the warm ’70s midrange tones or crank it up to get punchy, metallic ’80s and ’90s tones. Distortion is footswitchable, and its placement in your signal chain is even customizable via the Darkglass Suite.

DI preamp and audio interface with ample I/O

The Microtubes Infinity also doubles as an audio interface; whatever your DAW of choice is, whether you use Mac or PC, the Infinity is compatible and can even record in stereo! For max control, the Infinity offers simultaneous recording of your processed and unprocessed signal. Each is recorded to two different tracks, which you can use as affected by the unit or do the heavy lifting in-post using the unprocessed track. And the stompbox offers a full array of rich I/O. There’s balanced L/R stereo outputs, a USB-C, a MIDI in, an XLR direct out, and even a ground lift switch for ensuring a clear signal.

Add your own presets and IRs

Pairing the Infinity with the Darkglass Suite app unlocks truly infinite possibilities. In the Suite, you can create and load IRs, manage presets, and even access advanced settings such as grunt, midboost, highpass, and lowpass filter modes. The IR option is a great way to take the sound of your favorite amp on the road without having to haul massive amounts of gear. Simply create an IR your way, then load it into onto Darkglass Infinity via the Suite for authentic renderings of your favorite amp anytime, anywhere!

Silent practice with aux and Bluetooth

In the spirit of putting the essentials in one box, the Infinity also works as a robust silent practice rig. Plug headphones into the 3.5mm headphone out and no one will ever hear those earthshaking lows. The headphone out features independent volume control, and media playback through the Infinity is also an option using a 3.5mm aux in or Bluetooth from a smart device!


  • Free shipping, delivery within 2 to 3 business days or less.
  • Multi-use stompbox — use it as a preamp, a DI, an audio interface, a distortion pedal, compressor, or all of the above!
  • Positive Infinity mode with 5 pre-selected impulse responses (add your own IRs using the Darkglass Suite app)
  • Negative Infinity compressor with 5 mode options and multiband EQ
  • Built-in tuner with 5-octave range
  • Touch-sensitive 6-band graphic EQ lets you shape frequencies up to -/+12dB control over a wide frequency range
  • Multiple legendary Microtubes distortions — the Microtubes B3K and Vintage Microtubes distortions in both normal and multiband modes, Microtubes X, and Era control for Vintage mode
  • Dual-use footswitches offer both push and rotary operation for fine-tuning settings with ease
  • Stores presets for instant recall of your favorite tones
  • Infinite ways to connect — balanced L/R stereo outputs, USB-C, MIDI, XLR direct out, and a ground lift switch to ensure clear signal
  • 3.5mm aux in and headphone out with volume control for silent practice anywhere you have a power supply
  • Doubles as an audio interface for Mac or PC
  • Additional features and options available via USB/Bluetooth connection to the Darkglass Suite

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