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Korg Nautilus 61 61-key Synthesizer Workstation-NEW

Korg Nautilus 61 61-key Synthesizer Workstation-NEW

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Korg Nautilus 61 61-key Synthesizer Workstation-NEW

In brief: 61-key Synthesizer Workstation with Light-Touch Keybed, 2,200 Sounds, Dynamic Polyphony Allocation, Smooth Sound Transition, 16-track MIDI Sequencer, Arpeggiator, HD Audio Recording, 60GB SSD, and Included Software Bundle

The Korg NAUTILUS is a cutting-edge synth workstation that redefines performance capabilities. With nine powerful sound engines optimized for specific tasks, it offers fingertip access to a vast array of premium sounds, sampling, and HD audio recording. Leveraging Korg's latest technology, NAUTILUS provides seamless integration, stunning processing power, and intuitive workflow for achieving musical goals quickly. With a pedigree from Korg's flagship KRONOS, NAUTILUS boasts an expanded soundset, customizable keybed options, and sleek design. From premium pianos to electric pianos, synths, and beyond, NAUTILUS delivers unparalleled sound quality and versatility. Enhanced sampling capabilities, onboard MIDI and audio recording, and powerful effects processors make it a complete music production solution. Dynamic controls and an intuitive TouchView display put creativity front and center, making NAUTILUS the ultimate instrument for performers, songwriters, and producers alike.


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  • We are an authorized Korg dealer.
  • 9 onboard sound engines from KRONOS with expansions for PCM and Piano engines
  • Updated SGX-2 and HD-1 engine for extensive new soundsets; 2,200 in all
  • The Dynamics knob makes delicate expression possible
  • Make intuitive changes to sounds with the 6 real-time knobs
  • TouchView interface and control panel with customizable mode buttons
  • Korg’s Dynamic Polyphony Allocation ensures all your notes are voiced
  • Convenient arpeggiator and drum track functions
  • Set List mode that demonstrates its power in live performances
  • Full-featured Open Sampling System and HD audio recording
  • 16-track MIDI sequencer / 16-track audio recorder
  • 16 onboard effect processors
  • Up to 14 simultaneous effects and 32 simultaneous EQs for massive production power
  • USB/MIDI Host Ports accommodate MIDI control surfaces
  • Smooth Sound Transitions that eliminate dropouts when changing sounds, regardless of mode
  • Sleek, lightweight, roadworthy chassis with Korg’s premium 61-note Light-Touch keybed
  • Quality crafted by Korg in Japan
  •  Type: Keyboard Workstation 
  • Sound Engine: 9 x Sound Engines ; High Definition PCM, Analog Modeling, Waveshaping VPM Synthesis 
  • Analog/Digital: Hybrid 
  • Number of Keys: 61 
  • Type of Keys: Semi-weighted
  •  Velocity Sensitive: Yes 
  • Other Controllers: 1 x Joystick 
  • Polyphony: 140 Notes (PCM), 180 Notes (PolysixEX), 52 Notes (VPM), 40-80 Notes (analog modeling) 
  • Number of Presets: 2560 Memory Programs, 264 Memory Drum Kits, 128 Set Lists (128 slots per set) 
  • Presets: SGX-2 Acoustic Piano, MDS Electric Piano, CX-3 Tonewheel Organ, STR-1 Plucked String, MS-20EX/PolysixEX Modeling
  •  Filter: Dual multi-mode filters, Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, and Band Reject modes
  •  Number of Effects: 197 
  • Effects Types: Dynamics, EQ, Overdrive, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, Vintage EP-1/CX-3 FX 
  • Arpeggiator: Yes 
  • Sequencer: 16-track 
  • Sampling: Yes 
  • Audio Recording: 16 Audio Tracks, 80 minute max recording time
  •  Audio Playback: 16-Track Playback
  •  Memory: 3GB 
  • Audio Inputs: 2 x 1/4" TRS
  •  Audio Outputs: 2 x 1/4" TRS (R, L/Mono), 4 x 1/4" TRS
  •  Headphones: 1 x 1/4" 
  • USB: 1 x Type A, 1 x Type B
  •  MIDI I/O: In, Out, Thru, USB 
  • Pedal Inputs: 3 x 1/4" (damper, switch, pedal) 
  • Power Source: Standard IEC AC power supply 
  • Height: 4.57" Width: 41.81" Depth: 15.2" Weight: 28.66. lbs. 
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