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Strymon Ojai R30 AC Power Supply Expansion Kit -NEW

Strymon Ojai R30 AC Power Supply Expansion Kit -NEW

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Strymon Ojai R30 Ac power supply Expansion Kit -NEW

In brief: AC Power Supply Expansion Kit for 9V/12V/18V DC-powered Effects Pedals

The Strymon Ojai R30 Expansion Kit is designed to enhance the power capabilities of the Ojai R30 pedalboard power supply. It provides five outputs, each delivering 500mA of power, making it suitable for power-hungry digital pedals. Two of these outputs are adjustable, offering 9, 12, and 18 volts to accommodate various pedal requirements. Importantly, all outputs are fully isolated to eliminate ground and AC line noise and ensure consistent performance with no power fluctuations. This expansion kit is convenient for musicians looking to increase their pedalboard's power capacity, especially if they have numerous pedals. It can also be used to extend Strymon's larger Zuma power supply for more complex pedalboard setups, allowing for customization. The Ojai R30 Expansion Kit is built with durability in mind, featuring a rugged anodized aluminum chassis to protect its circuitry. Its slim design makes it suitable for mounting on or under pedalboards, and it is compatible with different voltages used worldwide, making it a versatile choice for gigging guitarists.


  • Free shipping, delivery within 2 to 3 business days or less.
  • Effects pedal power supply expansion kit for up to 5 pedals
  • 3 x 9-volt, 500mA outputs
  • 2 x switchable 9-volt, 12-volt, or 18-volt, 500mA outputs
  • Dual-isolated outputs ensure noise-free pedal operation
  • Built for the rigors of the road
  • Slim dimensions mount easily under a tight pedalboard
  • Type: Power Expansion Distribution
  •  Inputs: 24V DC (AC adapter sold separately)
  •  Outputs: 3 x 9V DC 500mA, 2 x 9V/12V/18V 500mA, 1 x 24V DC Thru 
  • Maximum Output Current: 2.5A (9V settings), 2A (18V settings)
  •  Connectivity:2.1mm barrel
  •  Isolated Output: Yes
  •  Height: 1.15" Width: 5.1" Depth: 2.3" Weight: 6 oz. 
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