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Strymon Cloudburst Ambient Stereo Reverb Pedal-NEW

Strymon Cloudburst Ambient Stereo Reverb Pedal-NEW

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Strymon Cloudburst Ambient Reverb Pedal -New

In brief: Stereo Reverb Pedal with Ensemble, Modulation, USB-C, MIDI, Expression Input, 300 Presets, and True/Buffered Bypass

The Strymon Cloudburst Ambient Reverb Pedal represents an exciting advancement for the brand, offering a compact design without compromising on quality. Its intuitive knob-per-function layout and versatile Decay control provide access to a wide range of echo options, from subtle reflections to immersive reverberations. The pedal also introduces the Ensemble control, which generates dynamic synthetic string-style harmonics, adding depth and character to your sound. Additionally, the modulation control enhances texture and movement, allowing for captivating sonic landscapes. Despite its small size, the Cloudburst maintains high-end features such as MIDI functionality, USB-C connectivity, 300 presets, and stereo I/O. With its blend of studio-grade sound and traditional stompbox workflow, the Cloudburst sets new limits for single-algorithm reverb pedals.

The Cloudburst by Strymon offers the same exceptional build and tone as larger V2 pedals in a compact size. Its discrete JFET analog front end, stereo I/O, and full MIDI functionality ensure its compatibility with top-end reverb pedals. The electromechanical relay-switched true bypass operation guarantees an uncolored signal when the pedal is inactive. The option to switch to buffered bypass mode strengthens the signal for longer signal chains. The Cloudburst also provides full MIDI and USB functionality for remote control, with 300 preset locations to save your preferred settings.

In summary, the Cloudburst by Strymon combines a unique single-algorithm Decay control, offering an array of reverb types, with an Ensemble control that adds dynamic synthetic string-style harmonics to your sound. The modulation control adds texture and movement, enhancing the pedal's versatility. Despite its smaller size, the Cloudburst maintains Strymon's commitment to high-quality sound and includes premium features found in larger pedals. It is a testament to Strymon's innovation and excellence in the world of effects pedals.


  • Free shipping, delivery within 2 to 3 business days or less.
  • Slimmed-down stompbox loaded with an uncompromising array of traditional and ambient reverb tones
  • Strymon’s most intuitive pedal yet, with full per-function controls and no secret settings
  • Decay knob offers an unprecedented sweep of reverb tones, from room reflection to spaced-out echo
  • Ensemble control introduces dynamic synthetic string-style harmonics, with 2 different settings to choose from
  • Built-in modulation section with depth and speed settings on a single knob
  • Mix knob with kill-dry for effects loops and analog dry path options
  • Formidable pre-delay section adds some space between your wet and dry signal, and can even function as a slapback-style echo
  • Tone control to shape your sound
  • Full MIDI and USB-C functionality for remote DAW and controller access
  • 300 MIDI presets to save your sonic creations
  • Connect an expression pedal or Strymon Mini Switch or Multi Switch Plus to Exp/MIDI jack to access 5 different modes: expression pedal, favorite, freeze, infinite, or MIDI
  • Switch between true and buffered bypass modes to easily integrate into any setup
  • Ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET preamp
  • Full stereo I/O to create a 3D wash of reverb tones
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum chassis with a pedalboard-friendly form factor
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